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IP control

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The given plug-in is intended for restriction of access to public pages B1Gmail.
For example page of registration.

At use of own project on B1Gmail, I have faced a problem of registration of undesirable users. These users made manual registration and confirmed with its code received on SMS. After reception of access they sent a spam or tried to break B1Gmail.

My project is based on granting of services of mail, for inhabitants of my region.
Before me there was a problem to limit access not to all site, but only to page of registration as my registered users should have access to mail from any IP, any country. Use .htaccess gave the certain inconvenience for administration IP of blocks of addresses.

I had been created this plug-in, for restriction of access to registration of undesirable users.

Restriction is based on definition IP of the address of the visitor and check of conformity of it IP addresses to list IP of the blocks entered into a plug-in.
It is possible to establish resolving or forbidding action.
The plug-in works only with the basic pages used in B1Gmail and does not work with pages the created other plug-ins.
At prohibition of access, to the visitor the page with the text created by the administrator in a plug-in is displayed.

To receive IP addresses of the countries it is possible on a site - http://www.countryipblocks.net

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